How To Determine If Security Will Be A Problem In A New House

by hjiadmin

When looking for a new home, most buyers look for obvious factors like the location of the house, its size and price.

As a potential home buyer, you should also consider the safety and security that a house will provide for you. You don’t want your privacy and security put in jeopardy.

Safety and Security

Safety and security is a very big issue. To help you determine if a new house you’re thinking of buying is at risk of being targeted by burglars or thieves, here are a few things you should consider.


Burglars want to escape from a residence unnoticed. They also like to target houses that will allow them to get in and out quickly.

These types of homes tend to be located near major road exits, or are located on roads where there’s not much street traffic.

Houses with easy access to alleys may also be targeted. Burglars can quickly run into an alley after stealing from the house and disappear unnoticed.

If the house has hard to see entry ways, or is surrounded by trees and other items, it may also be at risk of being targeted. Burglars can hide in the dark or behind trees and larger fixtures.

Houses in non-urban areas where police rarely make patrols might be likely targets. While houses in these areas may seem like a quiet place to rest, burglars may see them as secluded easy targets.

An easily accessible backyard

Thieves prefer to break into homes without being seen.

One of the ways they do this is through the back windows of houses that have very accessible backyards.

Having a fenced-in backyard is better than having an open backyard. High fences will help slow burglars down and possibly discourage them.

Houses with visible interiors

Large glass windows are nice for allowing natural light into the home, but if not covered with curtains or blinds, they tend to make the house a possible target for burglars.

Valuable and desirable items are visible to anybody, burglars included.

A history of being robbed

If you can, check with nearby residents about the house’s history.

Ask neighbors if the house has a history of being broken into. If it does, chances are the burglars may repeat the same offense, if they haven’t been caught yet.

Also, inspect windows, doors, and doorframes. Check if there are signs of forced entry.

Poor security features

Houses with security cameras are generally safer and more secure than houses without any security features installed.

If you really like a house that doesn’t have any security features built in, consider the price of investing in a quality security system.

A house that looks like it has poor security may look like easy pickings to a Burglar.

The wrong crowd

The house might be affordable and attractive, but if it’s located in a community that is frequented or populated by common offenders, think again before buying it.

Avoid houses in areas with a high number of break-ins and other urban crimes. Check online to see if the neighborhood is a hotbed for crime. It’s also wise to avoid houses with large amounts of foot traffic passing by.

Adequate lighting

The house should have adequate lighting inside and outside. You can look for this as you inspect the house.

Solar powered motion activated lights are affordable on these days and can be installed easily around the house to discourage nighttime visitors.

Published on 2018-03-03 03:38:16