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Round Rock, TX real estate listings showcase both classic and contemporary homes for sale, with a wide range of spacious floor plans and designs.  The community itself mixes quiet, scenic countryside living with modern amenities and welcoming neighborhoods, giving you serene seclusion as well as friendly neighbors.

Choose from cozy condos to beautiful bungalows to spacious luxury homes and lavish estates, all surrounded by the panoramic views of Texas Hill Country.  Enjoy numerous parks nearby to play with your children or pets, and explore wooded trails winding across the hills.  Nearby recreational facilities provide exciting pastimes and hobbies for every age group, whether you are a new couple, a retired couple, or you are moving in with your young children or teenagers.  Round Rock is a fast-growing community with both exceptional business opportunities and residential investments.

Round Rock features moderately priced, comfortable homes with secure neighborhoods and top-rated schools.  Contact Austin Summit Group for more information on any homes in this area or to take a tour today!

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