Home Decor Ideas

by hjiadmin

Decorating a house can be a scary, daunting task, but it can also be exciting and fun. There are different home decoration ideas that you can try depending on the look you are going for. You might make mistakes that can make the home look weird, small or awkward. These tend to make your house lose value. On the other hand, there are decorating ideas you can try that make your home look exciting, warm and fun to live in.

Remember some colors can directly affect the moods of people in the house, so it’s good to use some caution.

Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to home decoration.


  • Control the flow

Control the use of a space with furniture positioning. Seating should be placed closer for a conversation area. There should be enough space for the guests and family to walk in between your knees (if you are sitting) and the coffee table in the center.

  • Use dramatic colors in small spaces

Spectacular colors are best in small spaces and places that you pass through. Using them in a space where you spend a lot of time feels too heavy and strange. Use it in a pantry or foyer to make the house look colorful.

  • Trust your instincts

You are unique, and you have a different point of view. Your rooms should reflect precisely that.

  • Pay specific attention to entrances and doors

The openings between rooms should be as high as possible. Spend some money and move away from the standard 7-foot-tall door.

  • Think new

The possibilities here are endless. You can go on YouTube and research some cool decorating ideas. You can create a great family collage using tools like photo clip.

You can create more tabletop space using hanging shadow boxes.

Ever get tired of the same pictures on your walls? You can buy a digital picture frame that lets you swap out hundreds of different pictures at the flick of a wrist at sites like meural.com or depict.com.

Go the extra mile and do something new for your space once in a while.


  • Don’t use white décor if you have kids

If you have kids and pets, white décor should be avoided. White walls look lovely, and people like them but you have to seal off the house to keep them clean, and with kids and pets, this is going to be extremely hard.

  • Don’t use small area rugs

The size of your carpets makes the space look smaller or larger. Don’t use mats that are too small for your space. The rugs should be floating under the furniture or extend beyond the furniture.

  • Don’t clutter with décor

Accessorizing your home can be wonderful, but don’t let it turn to clutter. Keep things simple and avoid having accessories everywhere in the home turning it into a clutter fest.

  • Don’t ignore architectural details

When decorating, it’s easy to overlook the architectural structure of the home. Make sure all the lines and silhouettes are appropriate, and the whole room works together.

  • Don’t get cornered

Don’t let the unfilled corner become so big it becomes an eye-grabbing void. Insert a floor lamp, a comfy seat or a plant to make it look a bit covered. Add some pictures or some art also.

Published on 2018-08-06 23:33:41