How to Build a Granny Flat or Home Extension for Extra Revenue

by hjiadmin

If you’re looking for extra space or extra revenue, then a granny flat or home extension may be for you. This is an extended living space that is designed for one or two people located on your property. The granny flat can be attached to the home directly or detached completely making it a stand-alone dwelling.

When building a granny flat or a home extension for extra revenue, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. You may rent out the space to strangers. Before you decide whether to have it attached or detached from your dwelling, make a decision if you are going to rent it out or if the space is going to be used by a trusted family member.

You have some options including ordering something that is ready-made, or a kit, getting a contractor or doing a DIY project if you have the skills.

If you choose to order a ready-made kit, you have to consider the space and the cost and design of the kit. If you can, get a manufacturer on-site and let them determine the size of your extension. After you have given them the size of the space where you want to build the extension, the manufacturer will share with you the available designs. Once you choose the desired design, all you have to do is pay and wait for it to get delivered and installed.

You can also choose to get a contractor to build the extension for you. With a contractor, you have a variety of designs to select from and you can add a lot of customization compared to a readymade kit. It takes some time to build and finish everything from the floors to the AC and the lights.

Making it a DIY project is tricky. It’s similar to getting a contractor to do it, but you are doing it yourself, which may save you quite a bit of money. However, you may still have to involve a professional after all is said and done. The extension or granny flat will require lighting, heating, and possibly air conditioning. Unless you are a general contractor, it may be best to hire involve professionals (at least for the plumbing and electrical). This helps you come out with an efficient and fully functional granny flat. Sometimes, an extension requires you to move out temporarily. This depends on the design and whether the extension is attached or detached from your home. The contractor will advise you accordingly before any work begins.

An extension generally means extra space or extra income. This is an asset, as it may add to the resale value to the property.

Part of the value is in the extra space provided by the extension. A family can choose to rent out the space or use it within the family. The granny flat or home extension may provide room for at least a couple more people in the house. It can also provide some much-wanted privacy for some family members.

Published on 2020-06-20 01:14:44