How To Save Water At Home

by hjiadmin

Water is one of life’s basic necessities and we can’t live without it. If you don’t have water in your home, living becomes somewhat unbearable. Some areas are struggling with water shortages.  Learning different ways to conserve water can be a great idea.

Cutting back on your water use means lower utility bills, and it also helps our environment.  Saving money your monthly utility bills can add up over time.

Here are some tips on saving this precious resource:

Water harvesting

This is one of the best, easiest and most cost effective ways of saving water in and around your home. You can install gutters to help harvest the rainwater instead of letting it go to waste. The government sometimes offers rebates on water tanks to help store the collected water. If you have landscaping that needs watering, the water is safe and can be used instead of using the tap water. This water is most likely heathier for your plants than the city tap water.

Installing gutters can be a DIY project, or you can get a professional to do the installation for you. This is also true for the watering system for your plants, lawn, and garden.

Use a bucket

You can put a bucket under your faucet as you wait for water to heat up. The water can be used to do some cleaning or to water plants.

Fix the dripping faucets

The small drops you see dripping from your faucets might seem insignificant, but in the long run, a lot of water can be wasted. Hire a plumber or try to do it yourself if you can and replace the leaking faucets and avoid paying extra for your utility bills.

Turn off the tap when you don’t need it

You don’t really need to keep the water running the entire time while you are washing up. You can save a lot of water over time by turning off the water while you are lathering up.

Turn off the tap when brushing

The average faucet lets out water at 2.5 gallons every minute. All that water goes down the drain while you brush. You can wet your brush and turn off the faucet until you want to rinse.

Get water efficient fixtures

If you need to replace some of your household fixtures, water efficient ones are the best. Get water efficient water taps, toilets, washing machines, showerheads, and other water saving products.

The toilet is typically one of the most water-intensive fixtures in the house. Dual flush toilets can help you save water.

Saving water means preserving a critical resource. If you have to use a lot of water, invest in a good water harvesting system. This means you only use tap water for in-house use and the water harvested can be used for watering plants, washing the car, watering the lawn and washing the driveway.

Published on 2018-12-28 21:28:57