Parks in Austin TX

by hjiadmin

One of the many benefits of living in Austin real estate is the abundance of open space and natural features throughout the city. Austin is home to a variety of plants and animals, creating a picturesque environment. This variety of natural beauty is further enhanced by the many parks in Austin TX. These parks give residents a place to be active or relax outdoors and greatly add to the quality of life here. For fun things to to do in Austin TX, look no further than one of your local parks!

Parks in Austin TXLearn More About a Few Parks in Austin TX

Zilker Metropolitan Park is generally considered the most popular of all the parks in Austin TX. It is fondly called “Austin’s most-loved park,” and it’s easy to see why. Spanning 351-acres, Zilker Park provides plenty of opportunities for fun things to do in Austin TX. This park features a nine-hole golf course, a large playscape, hike and bike trails, picnic areas, sand volleyball courts, a lake, and the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum.

Another one of the great parks in Austin TX is McKinney Falls State Park. This park is very popular among hike enthusiasts living in Austin real estate. It is also a great place for biking, camping or fishing. Onion Creek is located here, so residents can go for a swim to cool off on hot days. Also located here is an impressive cypress tree that’s over 500 years old and goes by the nickname “Old Baldy.”

Next up in parks in Austin TX is Mayfield Park. Those visiting Mayfield Park might happen upon a gorgeous peacock or two, making this park an incredibly unique one. In addition to the free-roaming peacocks, this park also features a variety of other wildlife, such as green and blue heron, turtles, and koi fish. There’s also many trees and flowers dispersed throughout. You won’t be disappointed by all the bright beauty of Mayfield Park.

There are so many amazing parks for those living in Austin real estate to explore. Residents are lucky to live in a city with such a well-maintained park system, providing plenty of fun things to do and see. Stop by one of the parks in Austin TX today!

Published on 2015-06-01 22:29:22