Simple Repairs To Help Your Home Show Better And Sell Better

by hjiadmin

As a home seller be aware that potential home buyers generally come into your home looking for something that is move-in ready. Moving is a pretty big hassle and most people don’t want to have to do a lot of repairs right after they move in. As the seller, it will go a long way towards making a good first impression on potential homebuyers if your home looks good. This means cleaning up your home and yard and doing some minor repairs to help your home show better and sell better.


Clean the walls and if they don’t look good seriously consider painting them. A new coat of paint makes the house look clean and updated. Make sure to paint both the interior and exterior walls if necessary. When the exterior looks new and appealing, the buyer is more likely to want to see the inside. It makes a good first impression which tends to stick in the buyer’s mind. Light gray or white works well as interior colors (avoid dark red- or brown-colored interior walls). For the exterior natural-looking colors, particularly shades of blue and pale gray work well.

Fix the broken items

Check for anything that is broken and repair it. Make sure to take care of the repairs before staging an open house. Try not to leave evidence of any huge repairs you just made lying around during your open house. Try not to leave any loose ends. Fix the leaking faucets, all broken window panes, broken door locks, and other obvious problems.

Fix the lighting

Make sure the house is well lit and all the lights are working. Turn them on to provide adequate lighting. Replace the faulty bulbs or flickering tubes and replace worn out sockets and switches. The aspiring buyer should feel that the home is in good working order.

Get rid of clutter and clean up

If your property is about to go on the market, be sure to do some tidying up. Clean and get rid of the clutter. A clean home shows better to prospective buyers and fetches you higher quotes as compared to a cluttered home. If you need help with getting rid of clutter, get in touch with a professional organizer.

The prospective buyer wants to picture themselves in the house. This means they need to view the house as if it was a new blank slate to them. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. What did you look for when you were searching for a home? Of all the houses for sale that you viewed, which impressed you the most?  Apply these insights to the repairs and on your house and it may show better and fetch a better price.

Selling a house is a challenge, but it can be rewarding. Get a realtor to help you with the challenging and sometimes complicated task of selling your house. A local realtor can help you prepare your house for sale with some good tips and help you with the transaction to help protect you every step of the way.

Published on 2020-03-18 20:33:15