Anthony & Ana Esquivel – Cedar Park, Texas – Agent CHAR

“Wow! She knows her stuff!” That was the first thing I told my husband after we met with Charl for the first time. It was such a great first impression that I did not want to look any further for a realtor.

As we were new to the area, we did not have much knowledge of the neighborhoods and what to expect. Thankfully, Charl was able to guide us to areas of our liking by taking the time to getting to know us as individual and not just as clients. During the process of searching for the perfect home, we were able to feel as if she was truly looking out for us. While we looked at the home with excited future buyers’ eyes, she would tour the home and then tell us the repairing it needed and helped us envision what it could be with the help of a small home project. Not only did she tell us what needed repairing, but also she often gave us a pretty good idea of the amount of money we would be looking at. At the end, we were able to determine if we really wanted to invest in fixing the home or if we chose to keep on looking to a more ready to move in home.

As previously mentioned, we were new to the area and it was possibly the reason why we were not as decisive as someone from the Austin area. With that being said, not once did we ever feel as if Charl was losing her patience with us or rushed into buying a home that was not “the perfect” one for us. All she would say was, “Okay, let’s keep looking!” with a positive attitude.

We looked and looked and looked and looked some more for a house to call home and we finally found one. During the process of buying the home, Charl was there to support us and guide us. In the end, we were blessed to find such a kind, intelligent, determined and amazing person we are glad to call our friend since 2014.

After some time, we had to relocate and sell our home. We did not have to think twice about reaching out to Charl. While being about six hours away from the Austin area, we could not be as involved in the process, but she always kept us informed of the progress and gave us suggestions on what to do in the home to make it more appealing. Again, it felt as if she had the best interest in us and not just in wanting to sell a home.

When looking for a realtor six hours south of Austin, we hoped to find another Charl; if that was even possible. We met with several and each time I felt like flying Charl down and have her be our realtor or at least be with us when touring the homes to give us her feedback. OH I WISHED! I recall asking a realtor, “So, what improvements would you do to this home? Do you see anything we would need to repair?” I was so disappointed when her response was, “ No, it is move in ready.” WHAT! I thought to myself, it clearly was NOT move in ready, it just felt as if she wanted to have us buy any home. It made it even more obvious that we had won the lottery with Charl.

I highly recommend Charl as a realtor as she was truly amazing and made the process fun. She is a straightforward individual who will work hard to get you into your PERFECT home.

Anthony & Ana Esquivel – Cedar Park, Texas