Deborah & Hunter Harms – Leander, Tx – Agent Char Washington

My husband and I were renting a home for 2 years when at the last part of our contract our landlord informed us he was selling by having his realtor show up at our house unexpected. Needless to say my husband and I were frantic we had 2 months to be out and didn’t think we were financially able to buy a home yet. I found Charlette Washington just by looking at various homes and their realtors and honestly she just had an honest and sweet face 🙂 I had dealt with a few realtors by the time I contacted Char but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Our first impression of Charlette was that she had it together, knew what she was talking about and taught us so much about buying homes and what to look for. I had no idea looking for homes could be fun as well as informative. Not only did she refer us to a great Mortgage Lender but she also looked for various grants and ways to help us. We never felt like our time was wasted or that we were rushed she made sure that each home we looked at was what we were looking for in a first time home and we only looked at a few before we found our dream home. I could write all day about how wonderful of a person Charlette is, to know her is to love her 🙂 I have recommended her to everyone I know if they are ready to buy or even if they don’t think they are financially able to, still reach out and get a hold of her because she will find a way to make it happen like she did for us!!!

Deb Harms 10/7/2014