Eric and Brannon – Austin, TX – Agent Nora Jane

Patience, positivity, and flexibility are the words we would use to describe Jane. In the 5 months it took us to find a house that we could afford, in our desired location, with all the “must haves,” in this market, there were numerous times where we or Jane probably should’ve given up. But Jane stuck by us, kept our spirits up, and continued working on our behalf. When a new listing went up and we were interested, Jane made herself available so that we could see it that day. As fast as things would move, this was crucial. When we weren’t really sure about a place, but thought we should be (because this market can make you crazy), Jane gave us the time and the space to make the right decision – for us. Ultimately, this is the reason we happily ended up in the house that we did; it took time, but it was worth it.

Thanks Jane!

Eric and Brannon