Jaime and Tammy Gonzales – Cedar Park TX – Agent Char Washington

Charlettee was recommended to us by our old next door neighbor who had just moved out of our old neighborhood. I had numerous friends in Real Estate, including my own father in South Texas. But the personal recommendation from our good friends was out of norm. Our neighbor is very, very particular. So, seeing as how we were looking, we called Charlottee. I am not a very trusting person when I meet people, but she immediately made us feel comfortable. She’s extremely knowledgeable on everything about homes and regulations and upgrades. She never had a problem showing us multiple homes, although she quickly figured out what we wanted and found it very quickly. She was on our side the entire time and took care of advocating for us on the entire process. Calls back and forth with her were like talking to close family member. We took every recommendation she gave us, and have saved thousands on things she saw coming and we planned for ahead of time. We’ve been in our house for over 6 months now, and we absolutely still love it.
I don’t do recommendations. But believer me, Charlottee is someone you can count on. I recommend her to anyone.

Jaime Gonzales 01/05/2016

Purchased a home in Cedar Park, TX