Jason P ~ Round Rock, Tx. ~ Agent Mike Caputo

I lived in Round Rock, TX for 13 years and my job moved me back home to Las Vegas, NV. After moving, I wanted to sell my house rather than rent it out so I went with a realtor that a friend recommended. After 4 months my house was still not sold and I ended up renting it because I could not afford to pay two mortgages (one in Round Rock and one in Vegas). After a year of renting nightmares I decided to sell my house again. This time I went with another recommendation, Mike and Chrissy. I could not have picked a better realtor team to sell my house. Being this was a long distance sale (me in Vegas and my house in Round Rock) Mike and Chrissy did all the dirty work. They knew the area very well and are experts in the realty world. They knew what needed to done (and not needed to be done) to the house to get it sold quick. They were in contact with me every step of the way in the negotiating process and within a month and a half, my house was sold at the price we asked for. 5 stars! Highly recommended

12/10/2015 – Jason P
Sold a home in 2014 in R.R. Tx.