Jennifer Giffen – Austin, TX – Agent Char

When my partner and I decided to take the plunge and purchase a home in Austin, we were a little apprehensive. Having no idea what to expect and little to no knowledge of what that would entail, we went for it. In choosing a realtor for help, I knew Char was our girl. Having had few interactions with her through mutual friends, we felt safe choosing her to lead us on our journey. From the minute we met for lunch to discuss the process, I knew that our choice was on point. Char has an aura about her that exudes honesty. She wanted to ensure that we were looking at things from all angles. She was never reserved when sharing her knowledge of what were important considerations when purchasing a home. We felt safe with her and knew she genuinely had our best interest at heart. She went out of her way to make sure that every single detail of each house was in good, safe condition. She took us under her wing and made sure that whatever house we would choose had everything we wanted and more. She expressed concern when appropriate and pointed out important factors to consider that never even crossed our mind. She is brilliant. We were amazed at the amount of knowledge she had about foundation, air conditioning units, roofing, flooring, the list goes on and on. We must have looked at 30 houses before we finally found our home. When my family was in town, she took time out of her very busy day to drive an hour out of her way to come down and show them the house that we had bid on. She made the process so much fun and much easier than we could have ever imagined. She turned what we thought would be a grueling process into an amazing adventure. We cannot sing the praises of Char enough. She is the salt of the earth in our eyes. Now as one of our close friends, we are blessed beyond belief to have Char as a part of our lives. Thank You Again Char for Everything.

Love – Jennifer and Melissa 6-4-2015