Lynn Lau – Austin, TX – Agent Char

I was looking for a leasing agent to lease my town home and saw Char delivering a case of beer to my new neighbors from across the street. I went to introduce myself and my neighbors told me that the lady who had just left was their agent who had helped them find their rental. They said a lot of great things about Char and encouraged me to contact her. So I did. To be honest, I did shop around and contacted another agent. I came back to Char as I found her much more organized, attentive to her clients, and easier and more flexible to work with. Char has a lot of experience and is always willing to share all the ins and outs of the business. I also appreciate the fact that she cares about both sides’ needs, which really makes the process smoother. Char has given a lot of good tips in making potential tenants at ease, which has helped build a trusting and amicable relationship with my current tenant. In the end, I have found really good tenants and it’s a win-win situation as we are both very pleased with each other. I cannot thank Char enough for all her help and expertise. I highly recommend Char to anyone looking for a leasing agent!

Lynn Lau – Austin,Tx