Miggie and Steffie – Paige, Texas – Agent Nora Jane

We took her to sites far and wide and off the beaten path and Nora Jane remained all the while steadfast in her dedication to helping us acquire our future and much desired home in the country. As our home search alternately and repeatedly progressed and stalled in atypical fashion, presenting many unexpected turns and challenges for all concerned, we as house hunters were able to keep our nerves from fraying too badly due in large part to Nora Jane’s continual resilience, patience and stamina at each turn. We were impressed by her willingness to travel at odd times and long distances to the rural locations we were searching out. She found answers to our every question and proved to be an effective negotiator with many sellers and their agents throughout our protracted process. We are very happy to have had the pleasure of working with Nora Jane and have benefited greatly from her determination, unwavering professionalism, and her boundless energy. We will be recommending her to everyone!

Miggie and Steffie – Paige, Texas