The Best Hiking Trails in Austin

by hjiadmin

Austin is a nicely located city for campers, backpackers and hikers. There are numerous amazing hiking spots where you can go as a group or individually and have fun. Are you looking for adventure or a getaway that involves a backpack and hiking gear? Here are the best hiking spots around Austin.

McKinney Falls State Park

Here, you get to escape the hustle of the city without driving very far. McKinney Falls State Park is only 13 miles away from Austin. The park is a nice place to visit for the whole family and it also has a beautiful waterfall. You can enjoy a nice swim at the park while you enjoy its natural beauty. Pictures here come out amazing due to the scenic views and if you want, you can pitch a tent at the campgrounds here and enjoy the night.

Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail

Positioned in the heart of Austin this convenient trail is right next to Lady Bird Lake. This trail takes you around several centrally located parks along its way. You can get on this trail at any point and cut across the water via any bridge creating your own perfect route. This trail contains some of the best views of the Austin skyline and if you like watching sunsets and people having fun or taking walks, new love this place. If you like, you can go over the edge of the lake and hike along the shore for a refreshing adventure.

Barton Creek Greenbelt

This is one of the best parks around Austin and has numerous trails. Each of these trails has beautiful views and a cool and serene environment which you are sure to enjoy. All of these trails lead to breathtaking views after a short hike where you can relax and enjoy the scenery as you take dep breaths of the fresh air. This area is considered to have some of the best hiking trails in all of Texas.

Mayfield Nature Preserve

This nature preserve has a lot of natural beauty. It is a historic place with wandering peacocks at the top of the trailhead making it a popular hiking trail for dates and an ideal wedding destination. The beauty of this place is unimaginable and tying the knot here is a popular choice. The place is frequented by hikers and it has 24 acres to explore. Positioned on a bluff overlooking Lake Austin, it has small Lilly ponds filled with turtles. Take your time here and unwind for the weekend.

Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

This is a 2.5 miles’ hike located along Capital of the Texas Highway. It is also known as Loop 360. It takes you through the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve created to protect the endangered animals in this city. The hike is fairly easy, but with amazing views and it is close to hotels.

Published on 2019-06-27 02:37:10