The Best Places to Experience Live Music in Austin

by hjiadmin

Austin is well known for its live music scene. Some people call it the live music capital of the world. Do you love live music and want to experience more of it during the week? Then Austin is the best place to be. There are numerous live music venues and events. Every week, there are various live music scenes within the city and you have lots of options. It is also the city where you get to meet a lot of celebrities (like Blake Shelton) on the streets. Here are some of the best live music spots in Austin:

The Continental Club

It is the godfather of live music in Austin and has a long standing reputation as the best club for live music in Austin since the 1950’s. It is a swanky private club that has become a mecca for country, roots, swing, rock, and blues music. It is a vintage club for live music and is strategically located for easy access.

Scoot Inn

It is one of east Austin’s favorite almost hidden music venues. It is a historic venue that has been around for a long time and makes excellent use of its vast backyard to hold live events. There is plenty of room to enjoy live music here and you can grab a bite too.

Hole in the wall

It is a college crowd bar that truly lives up to its name. it is a home for UT students searching for a study break and cheap beer with the regulars holding court back at the pool table. The place also serves Japanese street food making it a perfect place to grab a bite to eat while you enjoy the live shows.

Skylark Lounge

This is a magnificent East Austin joint. It is a little hidden which adds to its low key feel. Once you make the right turn you will find, blues, soul, jazz, country and more on their intimate stage. They have a diverse crowd with a relaxed vibe and free popcorn to chomp on as you enjoy the music.

Austin Music Hall

It is a converted warehouse featuring a variety of artists from various bands. The hall also rents out space for corporate and private events. Here, you can enjoy a balcony seat or space on the main floor as you enjoy your favorite artist singing amidst a number of excited fans.

The Mohawk

This place is the layered experience for live music. It has a cozy wood paneled indoor stage anchored by a fireplace and a bar and is a perfect place for lounging and conversation. It is one of the most famous live music spots in Austin. If you like an occasional beverage, you can enjoy happy hour on weekdays as you enjoy arcade games and arm wrestling in this enjoyable hangout.

The White Horse

This is the place that knows exactly what you need and that’s live music combined with shots of whiskey and tacos. Live music here hits differently with access to great food and amazing service.

Published on 2019-08-15 21:31:20